Diabetes Nepal 3rd Annual Professional Conference

16th Feb 2013

(Hotel Shanker, Lazimpat, Kathmandu)




Chairperson Prof (Dr) Prakash R Pandey

11.00 11.30: Management of CV risk factors in diabetes (C. Venkata S. Ram)

11.30 12.00: Empowering patients to look after themselves (Charles Fox)

12.00 12.30: Treating the Peaks and Valleys in Diabetes (Brian Frier)

12.30 13.00: Drugs in Horizon for Diabetes (Jyoti Bhattarai)

Chairperson Prof. Dr. Satyan Rajbhandari

11.00 11.30: Diet in diabetes

(Nani Shova & Jaya Pradhan)

11.30 12.00: What care to expect from your doctor (Ishwori Khanal & Team)

12.00 13.00: Meet the experts

(open sessions with National & International experts)

Chairperson - Asso Prof. Dr. Rajani Hada

14.00 14.30: Nephropathy in diabetes ( Prmod Kumar Chhetri)

14.30 15.00: Retinopathy in Diabetes ( Jeeven Shrestha)

15.00 15.30: Neuropathy in Diabetes (Satyan Rajbhandari)

15.30 16.00: Diabetes and Mental Health (Richard Holt)

14.00 14.40: Improving Compliance (Charles Fox)

14.40 15.20: Educating patient; what you should know (John Buchanan)Part 1

Educating patient; what you should know (John Buchanan)Part 2

15.20 16.00: Setting up research in Diabetes (Anna Fox)


Chair Dr M R Pandey

Key note lecture Dr. Babu Ram Marashini


Chair: Prof. Dr. Prmod Kumar Chhetri

Lessons from UKPDS (Charles Fox)

Hypoglycaemia and cardiovascular events (Brian Frier)

Diabetes in Pregnancy (Richard Holt)