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1st EASD/ADA Diabetes Conference

14 - 16th Nov 2010

Current Diabetes Care in Nepal : DL Singh (Nepal)


Type 1 Diabetes in 2010: K Paterson (Scotland)


Type 2 Diabetes – Current Approaches: A Roberts (Italy)


Diabetes Care in Resource Limited Settings: S S Srikanta (India)


Diabetes in Pregnancy: E Mathiesen (DK)


Hyperlipidaemia and Cardiovascular Disease : H Lebovitz (USA)


Hypo and Hyperglycaemia  :K Paterson (Scotland)


Perioperative Management : S Rajbhandari (Nepal/UK)


Nephropathy and Hypertension : E Mathiesen  (DK)


Ischaemic Heart  and Cerebrovascular Disease: H Lebovitz (USA)


Neuropathy and Erectile Dysfunction: AJM Boulton (UK)


Diabetic Foot in 2010: an overview: AJM Boulton (UK)


Peripheral Vascular Disease in Diabetes:  S van Baal (NL)


Diabetic Foot Ulcers/Medical and Surgical:  K Schara (SL)


What’s New from Large Clinical Trials?  : A Roberts (Italy)


New Treatments for type 2 Diabetes:   H Lebovitz (USA)


Diabetes in Nepal: S Rajbhandari (UK/Nepal)